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A classic in Donostia

The bar and restaurant “La Cepa” is located among the essential locations to locals and to those who come to visit the city alike. It is a space which maintains intact its identity, and it conserves it´s classic essence.

It´s location in the very heart of the old area from the city has made it a witness of the passing of time, and although it has managed to keep its classic taste and cozy atmosphere, it has naturally evolved to keep being to this day one of the references par excellence of our city.

Our priority, our ingredients

If something characterizes our gastronomy it is the quality of our ingredients. We select only the best products, always fresh, from our most trusted suppliers.

From our “ibericos” to our fishes, we analyze in great detail their origin and their freshness to assure you a first class offer. Our recipes are always simple, giving absolute prominence to the simple ingredients.

Come meet us

Our local has a great bar where you can try our “pintxos”. It also has a big dining room for those who decide to try and enjoy our dishes.

A classic and relaxed atmosphere, which invites to a long dessert accompanied by some of the great wines that we also have in our winery.