With more than 70 years

of excellence


A classic in Donostia

La Cepa is a bar and restaurant located amongst the essential dining destinations for both locals and visitors of San Sebastian. It is a place which celebrates “todo la vida” which means “all of life”.

Situated in the heart of the old town of Donostia, La Cepa has managed to keep its classic style and cozy atmosphere, while naturally evolving with the changing city, and continuing to be acknowledged for it’s quality.

Our priority is our ingredients

If something were to characterise our gastronomy it would be the quality of our ingredients. We select only the finest produce, always fresh and from our most trusted suppliers.

From our “Ibericos” to our fish, everything is chosen based on their origin and freshness to make certain we offer our guests only the best. Our recipes are simple, allowing the ingredients to speak for themselves.

Come and meet us

Our restaurant boasts a long bar where you can taste our many pintxos. We also have a dining room where you can enjoy some of our larger dishes from the menu, accompanied by great wines from our winery .

With a classic and relaxed atmosphere, we invite you to enjoy yourself in our home.